Wishlist: Society6 (July 2016)

I have pretty much been living on Society6‘s website for quite some time now. I hop on, go through all the different categories, click on the ones I like (and end up with 300 tabs), put some in my wishlist, and finally close them all because my laptop starts to overheat.

Here are 6 things that I keep clicking on!

overview*all images are from the Society6 website
  1. Watercolour Cacti and Succulent iPhone case by Vicky Webb
    This might be because I’m really looking forwards to getting some plants at home… plus a bit of watercolor never hurts 😁
  2. My Sleepy Pet Hoody by Picomodi (Budi Kwan)
    This is just really cute. There’s not much more that needs to be said 💁🏻
  3. Arabesque Universe leggings by Monika Strigel
    These are some happy colors! They remind me of adventure time, jewels, mountains, the galaxy, and The Rainbow Fish.
  4. Dinosaur Bath towel by Amy Hamilton
    It’s hard to say no to dinosaurs (I have 3 dinosaur candle holders, and a dollar store dinosaur I spray painted gold) especially when they’re so beautifully illustrated.
  5. Everything’s Gonna Be Super Duper mug by Marc Johns
    The phrase ‘super dooper’ makes me happy, partly because they make me think of Zooper Doopers and summer, but also because it makes me sing Super Trouper in my head. And the illustration reminds me of Quentin Blake!
  6. Gravity rectangular pillow by Tobe Fonseca
    The idea of black pillows seems like an amazing idea to me, but no one else seems to think they’re a good idea for non-decorative pillows. Honestly, I completely understand their reasons, but look it’s an astronaut in space on a pillow!
    I like-like with this pillow.

Is there anything you would like from this list?
Do you have any favourites from Society6?
Let me know in the comments below!


Music on Repeat: Tributes to Christina Grimmie


Today’s post is sort of my way of remembering Christina Grimmie, and hopefully helping keep her in our memories. I mentioned a while back that I was having trouble writing my tribute post and I still haven’t been able to write it the way I want it to be. Lucky for me, how I feel and what I want to express has been summed up in music and lyrics by these amazing musicians.

Here are my 3 most played tributes to the amazing Christina Grimmie.

Dodie (doddleoddle) – My Anthem (from Christina Grime’s With Love Album)

Max Schneider – Christina’s Song (an original)

Tyler Ward – A Song for Christina Grimmie (an original)

I’m currently doing a bit of travelling so I haven’t been able to get my blogging schedule down pat yet but on the bright side I’ve been taking lots of videos of my travels which was my 7th June goal (check out my goals here)!

I hope you loved these beautiful tributes as much as I did.
See you in a week!

love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love

Video on Repeat: Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘Love is love’


Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Hello, this post is going to be a little shorter than usual. I originally planned on doing a tribute post to Christina Grimmie, but after spending hours and hours writing and re-writing, the post still feels so incomplete. I’m unable to clearly express my thoughts and ideas while floundering in my emotions. My brain and heart are so utterly confused and devastated by her passing and the shooting at Orland’s Pulse nightclub that happened soon after.

I’ve watched and cried listening to Lin-Manuel’s Tony acceptance speech. I haven’t been able to stop replaying it along with some of my favorite Grimmie songs. I’ll try get to finishing that post soon, but for the meanwhile here it is.

The transcript of his sonnet:

My wife’s the reason anything gets done.
She nudges me towards promise by degrees.
She is a perfect symphony of one.
Our son is her most beautiful reprise.
We chase the melodies that seem to find us
Until they’re finished songs and start to play.
When senseless acts of tragedy remind us
That nothing here is promised. Not one day.
This show is proof that history remembers,
We live through times when hate and fear seem stronger.
We rise and fall and light from dying embers.
Remembrances that hope and love lasts longer.
And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love
Cannot be killed or swept aside.
I sing Vanessa’s symphony, Eliza tells her story.
Now fill the world with Music, Love and Pride.

– Lin-Manuel Miranda

Please take a few minutes to sign this petition.
I’m not too sure when or if I will have a tribute post up so I’d love to take this opportunity to ask you to help catch Nintendo’s attention and possibly have Christina Grimmie memorialized in the upcoming Legend of Zelda game – her love for Zelda and Nintendo was apparent from the very beginning 😊 (check out her youtube username if you’re confused).

Also, please go check out this video – Hannah Hart: What you can do. 
Every voice makes a difference.
Just because there are alternative ways to commit crimes doesn’t mean we should keep things the way they are, we need preventive measures. We need to be doing our very best.


Love List: June + Links


Recently in Hong Kong we’ve been having beautiful (but awfully humid) blue skied days so I’ve been making the most of that. Now we’ve transitioned into this rather rainy and stormy period so I’m back inside catching up on all my missed shows (Korean variety shows woohoo!) and trying to perfect my blog posts 🙂

Here are some things that I’ve been loving this hot summery June!


I’ve been loving marble ever since I started looking at DIY home decor. I’ve especially been sucked in by marble contact paper because it’s seems like the cheaper alternative. I haven’t seen it in person but the photos of marble contact paper covered things are just so beautiful.

  1. marbleDIY ikea table
  2. DIY marble phone case
  3. DIY marble laptop case
  4. DIY faux marble coasters


This was a bit of a surprise for me seeing as I’ve always stayed away from white. I’m an incredibly messy and clumsy person. However, lately to my surprise (and horror!) I’ve been gravitating towards white decor, clothing, shoes etc. I’ve bought 2 white shirts so far… both of them are already dirty. Thank goodness for bleach right?


  1. Cotton On shirt
  2. Chunky white platform heels
  3. White nails


Dreamcatchers are something I have always struggled to make however not too long ago I successfully made a really simple one (mentioned here). I am hoping to make a dreamcatcher DIY, however in the meantime I haven’t stopped looking at dreamcatchers online.


  1. Jenn Im’s Dreamcatcher
  2. Caught on a Whim Dreamcatcher
  3. Inspired Soul Blog Dreamcatcher

Crowns + Tiaras + Halos

My love for crowns, tiaras, and halos has gone on for quite some time now. I think it all began with the hair chains. If you’re following me on pinterest, you may have spotted my tiara pinning and if you’ve been around me the past couple of month you may have seen me staring at Elemental Child’s store page … longing for the beautiful crowns and tiaras.


  1. Elemental Child: Mountain witch with rose quartz leaves crown
  2. Elemental Child: Blue quartz corona tiara
  3. Tiara
  4. Halo

I’d love to know if you buy or make anything listed here, so be use to send me a message either in the comments, on instagram, by smoke signals/pigeon carrier, or any other method you can think of!

Have a lovely week!

Music on Repeat: Amistat


While in Melbourne I walked past this band busking several times and every single time I would nag whoever was with me to stop and let me get their name down so I could find their music online (such a crappy excuse, pretty sure they rolled their eyes at me the 4th time I used that excuse).

I am mesmerized by their voices. They mesh so well together and both their voices are so smooth. I’ve been looking them up on youtube and going through all their performances. I sound creepy. I promise I’m not creepy. (Doesn’t that sound like something someone creepy would say? Whoops!) I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer their acoustic/live performances to the studio version.

I seriously considered buying their CD the first 10 seconds I heard them, except I realized that have no way to getting the songs from the CD onto my computer (unless I buy one of their external CD things).

I think I saw/heard them at the exact place videoed here:

2013 Performance: The Man Who Cant be Moved

Here’s one of their songs: Humble Hands – Amistat

Amistat is made up of Josef and Jan Prasil, twin brothers from Europe.

If you live in Melbourne or are going to be there on June 18th you might be able to snag yourself a ticket to see them live. Click HERE. (I’m so jealous!)

Links: Facebook | Youtube | Reverbnation | Twitter | iTunes | Instagram

Videos on Repeat: A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

Hello! This is a scheduled post because I’m supposed to have arrived last night in Melbourne and am (hopefully) currently curled up in bed soundly sleeping. I’m the type to sleep for hours on the plane so I’m hoping I won’t sleep too much and I’ll still be a bit sleepy by the time I reach Melbourne.

I wanted to share the 2 videos from the lip-reading series that are my favourites! I have pretty awful hearing and often mishear people so this is especially amusing and fascinating to me.

Have a good day and new posts will be up in a few days
so be sure to come back!

Songs on Repeat: Tangled’s ‘I See the Light’ + Cover by Carrie Hope Fletcher and PetesJams


I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ve been on a slight Tangled craze. I’ve had the movie playing every night for about a week or so… If I had to pick, I See the Light would probably my favourite song (closely followed by I’ve Got a Dream).

Mandy Moore’s voice is just so so so beautiful, I remember hearing her sing in A Walk to Remember and years later although I forgot what movie it was from, I remembered her voice and the song so clearly. Also, perhaps I somehow missed the craze, but I wish that Mandy Moore was promoted as much as Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell were. Maybe it was just that Let It Go was everywhere which was why they seemed like they were everywhere.

I included one of my favourite covers of this song. Carrie and Pete had me so giddy the whole time with them acting out the parts of Rapunzle (am I the only one who can never spell her name right?!)  and Flynn Rider. It’s just a super sweet and happy cover.

See you in a few days!