Hello! I’m Tiffany, a typically frazzled university student and someone who thrives on a vegan lifestyle. I want to inspire others to live their best life and bring at least a little sparkle of joy into others’ lives. My posts are a mix of fun everyday stuff and subjects I take more seriously, but ultimately will be me documenting my journey of learning to live a kind, compassionate, content, and happy life.

That felt too serious haha, so here are some bite-sized facts about me:

  • I love warm weather. Anything between 20-35° is perfect.
  • I frequently forget my age. The casino bouncer at Niagara Falls did the maths for me, and then let me in! I won $15 and spent it all at the children’s arcade because it is so much more fun there.
  • I can say a few things in French including “I am 20” even though that is no longer my age – “Jay won ton” – and the numbers 1 to 10 – “on dur twa cat sank sis set wheat nerf dis”.
  • I love spicy food, but not wasabi or anything makes my eyes and nose feel like they are being attacked by thousands of little creatures armed with daggers. But I love mints.
  • I love maths. Minus the numbers and letters.
  • I tell people I’m 149/150cm tall. I lie. A little.
  • I love cats and hope to foster in the future!

I can be found on:

Enjoy rummaging through my blog! I hope you stick around and come back soon!



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