Wishlist: Society6 (July 2016)

I have pretty much been living on Society6‘s website for quite some time now. I hop on, go through all the different categories, click on the ones I like (and end up with 300 tabs), put some in my wishlist, and finally close them all because my laptop starts to overheat.

Here are 6 things that I keep clicking on!

overview*all images are from the Society6 website
  1. Watercolour Cacti and Succulent iPhone case by Vicky Webb
    This might be because I’m really looking forwards to getting some plants at home… plus a bit of watercolor never hurts 😁
  2. My Sleepy Pet Hoody by Picomodi (Budi Kwan)
    This is just really cute. There’s not much more that needs to be said 💁🏻
  3. Arabesque Universe leggings by Monika Strigel
    These are some happy colors! They remind me of adventure time, jewels, mountains, the galaxy, and The Rainbow Fish.
  4. Dinosaur Bath towel by Amy Hamilton
    It’s hard to say no to dinosaurs (I have 3 dinosaur candle holders, and a dollar store dinosaur I spray painted gold) especially when they’re so beautifully illustrated.
  5. Everything’s Gonna Be Super Duper mug by Marc Johns
    The phrase ‘super dooper’ makes me happy, partly because they make me think of Zooper Doopers and summer, but also because it makes me sing Super Trouper in my head. And the illustration reminds me of Quentin Blake!
  6. Gravity rectangular pillow by Tobe Fonseca
    The idea of black pillows seems like an amazing idea to me, but no one else seems to think they’re a good idea for non-decorative pillows. Honestly, I completely understand their reasons, but look it’s an astronaut in space on a pillow!
    I like-like with this pillow.

Is there anything you would like from this list?
Do you have any favourites from Society6?
Let me know in the comments below!


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