June Goals

june goals

You’re probably thinking that it’s a bit late for me to post my June goals on the 10th of June, but I’m going to do it anyway haha. It’s pretty much been a full year since I last posted here and I feel like so much has happened, and so much as changed! I really can’t wait to update you all. I have a few travel posts planned from places I’ve visited in the past couple of months and some other fun stuff thrown in there, so be excited!

About my goals this month: I’ve been travelling for a while and I feel like now is the perfect time to get my home life sorted. This means getting rid of things I’ve ‘collected’ over the years (I think I would make some hoarders proud), making my place feel like my home, and getting a routine down. Basically, I want a clean house, lots of good sleep, and delicious food – at least until the next time I’m off again.

Before I end up rambling anymore, here are my goals:

  1. Get a proper sleep schedule going
    – I’ve also banned the laptop from my bed, next to go will probably be the phone…
  2. Go for a walk/jog/run at least 2 times a week
  3. Get my space life organized
    – Take down blinds
    – Paint walls white
    – Fix my dinosaur magnets
    – Go through clothes to donate
    – Get a cleaning schedule/system down
  4. Shop at a farmers market and Chinatown (Cheaper and fresher produce!)
  5. Try a new recipe (and possibly blog it?)
  6. Buy someone flowers
  7. Learn to capture everyday on film + enjoy being filmed (snapchat I’m looking at you!)

I think I’m going to make these monthly goals a thing. Then I can visit them the next month and see how I’m doing. It’s like a long-ish short term goal list! Plus putting it out into the world publicly will hold me accountable haha!

I’d love to know what your goals are, so let me know! 


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