Love List: June + Links


Recently in Hong Kong we’ve been having beautiful (but awfully humid) blue skied days so I’ve been making the most of that. Now we’ve transitioned into this rather rainy and stormy period so I’m back inside catching up on all my missed shows (Korean variety shows woohoo!) and trying to perfect my blog posts 🙂

Here are some things that I’ve been loving this hot summery June!


I’ve been loving marble ever since I started looking at DIY home decor. I’ve especially been sucked in by marble contact paper because it’s seems like the cheaper alternative. I haven’t seen it in person but the photos of marble contact paper covered things are just so beautiful.

  1. marbleDIY ikea table
  2. DIY marble phone case
  3. DIY marble laptop case
  4. DIY faux marble coasters


This was a bit of a surprise for me seeing as I’ve always stayed away from white. I’m an incredibly messy and clumsy person. However, lately to my surprise (and horror!) I’ve been gravitating towards white decor, clothing, shoes etc. I’ve bought 2 white shirts so far… both of them are already dirty. Thank goodness for bleach right?


  1. Cotton On shirt
  2. Chunky white platform heels
  3. White nails


Dreamcatchers are something I have always struggled to make however not too long ago I successfully made a really simple one (mentioned here). I am hoping to make a dreamcatcher DIY, however in the meantime I haven’t stopped looking at dreamcatchers online.


  1. Jenn Im’s Dreamcatcher
  2. Caught on a Whim Dreamcatcher
  3. Inspired Soul Blog Dreamcatcher

Crowns + Tiaras + Halos

My love for crowns, tiaras, and halos has gone on for quite some time now. I think it all began with the hair chains. If you’re following me on pinterest, you may have spotted my tiara pinning and if you’ve been around me the past couple of month you may have seen me staring at Elemental Child’s store page … longing for the beautiful crowns and tiaras.


  1. Elemental Child: Mountain witch with rose quartz leaves crown
  2. Elemental Child: Blue quartz corona tiara
  3. Tiara
  4. Halo

I’d love to know if you buy or make anything listed here, so be use to send me a message either in the comments, on instagram, by smoke signals/pigeon carrier, or any other method you can think of!

Have a lovely week!


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