5 Netflix Shows to Watch

photo-1422433555807-2559a27433bd Now that I’m in Hong Kong, I’m unable to hop onto Netflix resulting in a very sad Tiff. Here are 5 shows that I have watched and loved!

1. Mixology

On KFC night my cousin and I were flicking through Netflix trying to find something to complement our lovely nutritious meal. This was actually the night I made the DIY Holographic phone case while watching Mixology (multitasking woohoo!). We just randomly picked it and ended up loving it, but I would probably say it took the first few episodes before we were enthusiastic about watching the next episode. The humour is a bit dry and not what most people would consider politically correct(?) but still pretty funny. The part that impressed me the most was that the entire series (which we finished within the night) was based on what happened over the period of just one night. I had never watched a TV series like that so it was a really fresh and fascinating concept.

2. Full House

I really do love Full House, I had never watched the entire show until I came across it on Netflix. I forgot how there would almost always be a moment in each episode that would make me tear (or cry. I cry at almost anything) so in total, I probably spent hours crying thanks to Full House. It was so weird to watch everyone grow/age knowing what they were like now.

I’m hearing things about a reunion: ‘Fuller House’ which will be on Netflix! AHH! (Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen aren’t coming back though)

3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I hadn’t watched the show and was always confused when people would break out into the theme song. It seemed to be a thing that everyone knew. They would all be enthusiastically rapping the song and I was the awkwardly bopping kid.

I finally gave in and didn’t really ‘get’ the show until a few episodes in. Like all shows that you become familiar with, it became a bit repetitive. I could guess what would happen next, the reactions, the jokes etc. I was also a bit taken aback by the actress swapping for Vivian Banks. The type of banter between Vivian and the others changed so much, the atmosphere felt pretty different. To be fair, the actress who played Vivian Banks did bring a different side to the character we hadn’t fully seen before.

4. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This was one show (along with Suits and a few others) that I put off watching because I heard so much about it and there was so much hype. It’s so disappointing when expectations are high and the show/movie/book/event etc. fall short of those expectations. I can vouch that The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was just was fun and entertaining as everyone else said. I found slight amusement that Dong a Vietnamese character was played by a Korean actor (guy from maze runner) with a very generic asian accent.

5. Gilmore Girls

I rewatched Gilmore Girls for the 3rd or 4th time a few months ago. I think I killed my internet because I just ploughed through the series over a short period of time. I get sucked in by the witty and fast-paced banter every single time! It’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ kind of dialogue. It’s one of those shows that feels like home.

If you haven’t watched Gilmore Girls yet and don’t want spoilers don’t read the following bit. Come back to read it after you’ve watched it!

I feel like I have to mention this haha: I’m probably ‘Team Logan’ with Jesse being a very close second (if my friend is reading this, I know she’s rolling her eyes/shaking her head at me). I really loved the excitement Logan brought and how the concept of responsibilities was always present and so real. Oh and the Life and Death Brigade! They all seemed so passionate, alive, and in the moment.

Let me know if you have any favourite Netflix shows I should put on my list 🙂


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