Music on Repeat: Amistat


While in Melbourne I walked past this band busking several times and every single time I would nag whoever was with me to stop and let me get their name down so I could find their music online (such a crappy excuse, pretty sure they rolled their eyes at me the 4th time I used that excuse).

I am mesmerized by their voices. They mesh so well together and both their voices are so smooth. I’ve been looking them up on youtube and going through all their performances. I sound creepy. I promise I’m not creepy. (Doesn’t that sound like something someone creepy would say? Whoops!) I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer their acoustic/live performances to the studio version.

I seriously considered buying their CD the first 10 seconds I heard them, except I realized that have no way to getting the songs from the CD onto my computer (unless I buy one of their external CD things).

I think I saw/heard them at the exact place videoed here:

2013 Performance: The Man Who Cant be Moved

Here’s one of their songs: Humble Hands – Amistat

Amistat is made up of Josef and Jan Prasil, twin brothers from Europe.

If you live in Melbourne or are going to be there on June 18th you might be able to snag yourself a ticket to see them live. Click HERE. (I’m so jealous!)

Links: Facebook | Youtube | Reverbnation | Twitter | iTunes | Instagram


3 thoughts on “Music on Repeat: Amistat

  1. LOVE this gurl!!! Such a cool post! and it’s awesome you love their music so much!!

    It’s not creepy!! Maybe! Maybe it is.. ;P

    Jks,nah it’s chill! I’m sure they’d be flattered to know they have an amazing fan like you man 😛 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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