10 of My Pet Peeves

10 Pet Peeves So just going by the title you might be thinking ‘Jeepers, what an absolute grump!’, but honestly I think that (most of) these pet peeves are worth thinking about. It was interesting for me to go through things that irk me and really think them through.

1. People who stand on the ‘walk’ side of the escalators.
The funny thing is technically I don’t think we’re supposed to be walking on escalators but generally we’ve established a walk and stand side to escalators, so when people block the entire escalator it annoys me (especially if I’m in a rush and also because I can be a pretty antsy person and would rather be anywhere else). I know, I can hear people saying ‘Take the stairs!’ but sometimes stairs aren’t nearby, plus climbing the escalator is a tad faster than climbing the good old stairs. After all, if I could choose between flying or flying while getting a boost from Superman, I’d pick the option with Superman any day.

2. People who cross roads without looking/checking.
This annoys me because it’s downright dangerous and also really inconsiderate for the drivers especially if the pedestrian light is red. It would be stupid to pretend that jaywalking doesn’t happen, but just make sure it’s safe to do so! The consequences doesn’t end with the person who was hit, but also the driver/passengers.

3. People who are on their phones during meal times and conversations.
I find this to be beyond rude. Of course there are exceptions, however generally if someone (no matter how much I like the person) is using their phone while we’re in a conversation, I’ll choose to stop talking until they are done. If I need to be on my phone, I’ll also ask the other person to hold on for a moment. I think it’s so important to give the other person your attention (or at least the illusion that you’re paying attention) and to do so otherwise is hugely disrespectful.

4. Really loud cars/motorbikes
Loud noises startle me pretty badly. You know what, they don’t even have to be loud to startle me so it’s not surprising that I loathe the ‘vroom’ sound of cars and motorbikes. I don’t really understand what it does or where exactly it comes from, but because they startle me and seem disruptive for no good reason, it is a pet peeve.

5. Getting a wobbly table or chair during class (or even worse, an exam)
I think I’m a wobbly table/chair magnet. I got a wobbly table and chair for one of my final exams. It was an essay / short answer exam where I would need to write furiously. The examiner actually laughed at me because I was trying to wedge things under the table legs during my exam but was unsuccessful because all 4 legs were uneven and the only things I had on me I could spare was one plastic bag (that I had to return at the end of my exam) and 3 pens.

6. Leather seats
I’m a really sweaty person and leather somehow always makes me sweaty and therefore I’m self-conscious and incredibly uncomfortable on them.
Sweat + leather = no. Why?
– Sticks to the skin
– Makes that velcro-y sound when you stand up / are wearing shorts or skirts
– Can seem like a slip and slide when sweaty (yuck)

7. People who cut in lines
Rude. So Rude. I don’t understand why people feel entitled to slipping into lines. It riles me up when people pretend they can’t hear you or see the line. It’s so simple, just ask if you can go in front of me and the people behind me because of *reason XYZ*. People are unlikely to refuse you (granted your reason was… reasonable), and that way no one is offended.

8. When food doesn’t live up to your expectations
A dessert store was being hyped up and everyone was raving about it so papa and I decided to go give it a go. That was the first time papa and I didn’t finish a cake. That was a sad day.

9. Blinds
I really really dislike blinds and have a particular grudge against vertical blinds. My reasons for disliking them are pretty weak. Let’s just say that blinds really aren’t that bad, I just don’t like them. I can’t be the only one… right?

10. Wet socks
Give me any item of wet clothing but wet socks. I can sit around in a wet shirt, skirt, shorts and pants for a pretty long time (long enough for it to dry at least), but not socks. Even when my socks are damp, I get sad and grumpy.
I used to put my socks and shoes into my school bag when it poured and walk to school barefoot. I now realize it was a stupid thing to do, but the happy feeling of dry socks and shoes was just too hard to resist.

Do you share any of my pet peeves or have any of your own?
Let me know (and maybe they’ll become mine too haha!)


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