DIY: Friendship Bracelet Wrist Watch

Hello! This is a DIY I’ve been thinking about for a really long time and have been really excited about. Thanks to my procrastinating, I managed to make it during the time I was supposed to be studying for my exams (Whoops! haha).

Friendship bracelets make such cute presents and watches are so useful. I mashed them together to make bracelets more functional and fancy, and wristwatches more relaxed.

IMG_3648 copy

The only difference this DIY is from making a normal bracelet is that you attach the strings to the watch and make the friendship bracelet twice (once for each strap). It’s that simple!

What You Will Need

  • Watch (I got mine at Ardene on sale! I think $7.5 CAD)
  • Craft or Embroidery thread/floss
  • Scissors
  • Beads or anything else for decoration (optional)

What To Do

1. Cut off the straps of the watch. Don’t break off the bar the straps are attached to, you’ll need it later!
Remember to keep the buckle if you plan on using it.

IMG_31572. Pick the colours and the order of the colours. I’ll be explaining how to do this arrow design which is super simple, but feel free to do a different design. I’ll leave links at the bottom with other designs of varying difficulties you can try!

3. Cut the length of the strings to be roughly the length of your arm span. For mine, each side of the watch used 6 strands so I ended up with a total of 12 strands of string.

4. Double up the strings This this thickens the string from a single strand to a double strand.

5. Attach the strings Do this by looping the string on the bar so it can hang off the bar. You may want to decide which way you want to loop the string, I chose to loop it by pulling the strings up behind the bar then through the U-shaped end.


6. You tie the outside strings towards the middle. For example following the diagram:

  • Knot the pink strings to the blue ones twice, then the green ones twice.
  • Tie the pink strings together twice.
  • Knot the blue strings to the green ones twice, then the pink.
  • Tie the blue strings together twice.
  • Knot the green strings to the pink ones twice, then the blue ones.
  • Tie the green strings together twice.

Remember: Strings on the left + middle knot use the ‘4 knot’ Strings on the right use the ‘backwards 4 knot’


IMG_3263 7. Repeat #6 until you reach your desired length (halfway around the wrist for the top strap and longer for the bottom strap)

8. Repeat steps 4-7 for the remaining strap.

9. Finishing: You could finish it by braiding it so it can be tied like a normal bracelet OR make it like a watch:

  • For the strap without the buckle aka ‘6 o’clock strap’:
    • Tie a normal knot under each knot. Add any decorations such as beads, and tie a final knot to finish. Trim off excess string.
  • For the strap with the buckle aka ’12 o’clock strap’:
    • Group the strings together into an even number that fits within the buckle and tie a knot for each group then tie the strings to the buckle using a normal double knot.
    • Don’t worry about the knots showing because once the watch is on, the other strap covers the knots.

10. You’re Finished! Congratulations!

If you got lost following my instructions on how to make the friendship bracelet or want other designs, check this link out!

Don’t worry if you laughed or cringed at my diagrams, I laughed too.

Let me know what you thought of this DIY!
Also, if you end up giving this DIY a go make sure to let me know by:
commenting or tagging me on Instagram
@tiffkaya or #tiffanykaya

Other styles to attempt:


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