Taiwan: Cat Cafe ‘Mr. Cat’s Friends’

I went to a cat cafe! It’s been on my to do list ever since I knew they existed. Food and cats, is there a better way to spend an afternoon?

Getting to and Leaving the Cafe.

I took a cab to this cafe and I actually fell asleep in the cab so I have no idea how much it cost from Banqiao (the area I stayed in) but the cab ride seemed pretty long: 25+ minutes I’d say. I took the subway when leaving, but before I left I walked around the area which was really nice and had some interesting shops. If you go and aren’t busy I’d suggest going for a wander! The subway station ‘ZhongXiao FuXing Station’ was really close by.

The Cafe + The Food.

I wish I was less sleepy and took more photos because the entrance had flowers was really cute and the door knob was in the shape of a cat! The inside was really nice and well air-conditioned which I appreciated because it was really hot in the cab. They had wi-fi (always a plus!). The workers there were really sweet and friendly. They also seemed to be really close to each other which added to the really homey atmosphere.

The drinks approximately ranged between 100-200TWD and the food cost a bit more + a service charge too (for both food and drink). The currency conversion made the cost pretty reasonable to me, but some other people did mention that they thought the price is a bit high for what they have to offer but definitely not unreasonable. The food and drinks were presented nicely and tasted ok. Not amazing, but not awful either.

IMG_3969The Cats.

From what I understood, there originally was 1 cat (the grey fluffy one in most of the photos below) and now there are 3 others, making it a total of 4 cats.

The original cat is really fluffy and is known to be chic but is supposed to be super playful otherwise. I think he/she’s a bit internet famous too!

A black and white cat (you can catch a glimpse of him/her on the chair in the photo of the cafe.) who seemed to really like head and neck scratches.

A pretty tiny cat who had amazing regal ‘big/great cat like’ fur and couldn’t resist playing with the feather on a stick.

The cat with the blue bow tie who was really sweet looking and had us all laughing when he hopped into the box for a nap. The lighting was just too funny!

I only got proper photos of 2 cats because I was too busy eating and petting all the cats. There was just too much excitement going on for me!

Wanting to join in the game of 'catch the feather'
Intense staring match….
Next minute. Nap time with some ... interesting lighting.
Next minute. Nap time!
The original cat napping when we arrived
The original cat napping when we arrived
Got woken up by the smell of food. Unfortunately for me, not for the cats.
Got woken up by the smell of food.
Apparently the cats really like it when you roughly pat their behinds. (light bum smacking)
They enjoy their behinds ‘roughly patted’
They like it THIS much
Bum ‘patting’. They like it THIS much.
Bum patting? Check. Next? Nap time!
Bum patting? Check. Next? Nap time!
Would I return? Yes definitely, I would stop by for a drink and to hang out with some cats and kill some time! The atmosphere was really nice and the workers were so friendly.
What would I order to drink? I’m not a huge coffee fan and the smoothie was a bit too sugary sweet, so I think I would like to try juice or a hot/iced chocolate.
What would I order to eat? I think I would order the pancakes again! They give you a nice chunk of butter, and some mini marshmallows and sprinkles. That’s pretty darn good to me!
Do I still want a cat? Yes. Yes a million times.
Mr Cat’s Friends Information: Facebook
P.S. You might want to call in and see if you need a booking for whichever time you plan on going, I’ve heard that it sometimes gets really full.

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