Love: The Pixar Theory

I know this isn’t new but I’ve fallen in love (all over again) with the Pixar Theory. I’m lover of theories, back-stories, and conspiracies etc. so the Pixar Theory obviously makes me very happy and is one of my favourites.

There’s lots of discussion about the Pixar Theory – the lack of evidence + too many loopholes – but the fact that people able to piece together small bits of information (from different films!) and link together them to create a story is so exciting to me. Even if it all means nothing in the end, the process of how some people’s minds work is so fascinating and impressive.

Basically: The Pixar Theory (thesis written by Jon Negroni, inspired by a video from suggests that all the Pixar characters live within a single universe.

Favourite bit: Everything, but particularly Cars (year 2100) onwards and the excitement amps up again after Monsters Inc. (year 4500) when Boo is brought into play.

Thoughts: There are bits where I can’t help but stop and think “really? hmm” and others where I think “huh, whoa” . But then again, over all when I see how the theory as a whole could work and make sense, I just get so happy all over again.

Go read Jon’s thesis (linked above) and check out this website (it makes me so happy):

If you don’t feel like reading, here’s a video by Bloop Media summarizing the theory! 

Do you have any favourite theories or conspiracies?
Or even debunking of theories and conspiracies?
Let me know, I’d love to look into them!


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