3 Beauty Tips

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I’m finally getting into the make-up and skin care world. Finally.

Here are 3 tips I’ve picked up recently:

  1. Be consistent with your skin care routine. When you change-up your skin care routine, it’s normal for your skin to breakout after about a week. It’s just your skin detoxing. It should last 1 – 3 days maximum. Keep doing your routine so you don’t confuse your skin.
    (Of course, if something doesn’t feel right then please get it checked!)
  2. Let it …. dry! When you use waterproof mascara and it gets on your skin, don’t wipe it straight away. Let it dry then wipe it off using a q-tip. Mascara will flake when dry, so the clean up is easy this way. If you wipe it while it’s still wet, you’ll just smear it everywhere and you’ll end up setting it in your make-up.
  3. Don’t touch! Try not to touch your face too much but if you must, use the backs of your hands and not the palms of your hands. The palms of your hands have more of the oils, bacteria, and whatnot (or something along those lines).

I’m currently on holiday so my posting might be slightly inconsistent, I apologize in advance. Hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

Do you have any beauty tips you swear by? Let me know!


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