5 Things to Check Before You Travel

aI’m currently waiting for my plane to call for boarding, so I thought I’d quickly post this! I’m now going to Hong Kong and then Taiwan soon after for about a week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post about both places!

Here are the 5 things I always check for before I leave home for the airport/station:

  1. Passport + Boarding pass/ticket + Visa. In the age of technology and electronics, the boarding pass/ticket isn’t so much an issue, but I like to print one out just in case. I always check that I have my passport, and if I need a visa that I got it!
  2. Money. I always make sure I have some money in the currency of the place I’m going to. You never know if you need any emergency money. Better safe than sorry!
  3. Other people are notified. I like to make sure that someone knows where I am going, when I leave and get home, and when I get to airport. It just makes me feel safer, and if anything happens there is information of my last whereabouts.
  4. Spare clothes. I like to pack a light change of clothes just incase anything happens. If I spill anything I don’t have to sit around in wet clothes for hours.
  5. Home. I make sure I turn off all electricity, pull all the plugs, turn the lights off, close the blinds in necessary, make sure there is nothing in my fridge, lock all the windows and doors, and that someone has my spare key so they can pop in once in a while to check on it for me.

This is my check list of things to do before I leave the house. I’m not going to lie.. I think I have some strawberries in the fridge, better call my cousin (see! this is where the spare key comes in handy). My plane is about to call for boarding so I will see you all when I’m in Hong Kong.

If there’s anything you check for before you leave the house, let me know!


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