Videos On Repeat: Olivia ‘Chachi’ Gonzales

I recently came across Chachi dancing to Ciara’s Like a Boy for the first time in years and I was hooked. Of course this meant that I ended youtube-ing all of Chachi’s dance videos. And also tried to dance like her. Of course.
But let’s be honest, I moved less like Chachi and more like this:

Sorry Chachi. I tried.

Like A Boy.

Sexy and I Know It. 0:46 makes me so happy 🙂

Chachi’s I Should Have Kissed You really got me. While I was more impressed with this one, the 2nd video (below this one) made me heart hurt. It’s so amazing when someone can dance with so much emotion.

I reckon there’s a huge difference between both videos even though it’s the same dance, so I’d suggest watching both.

Chachi’s Links: Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend (long weekend woohoo!) and that you enjoyed these videos.


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