The Love List: March 2015

It’s now officially April (woohoo! I know because I went over my internet limit so I spent most of March 31st waiting for the clock to hit midnight) so I thought I’d sum up the things that made March lovely for me. I’ve supplied the links below so you can check out the things I mention 🙂 The list starts from the collage and goes in a clockwise-ish direction. marchloves

  1. Medium/Short hair A collage I made from photo I found on tumblr and pinterest. I got my hair cut at the Aveda Institute and it looked amazing! But then I washed it. Guess I’m not as talented as the lovely lady who styled it, so now i wake up looking like Rapunzel. The one with short flippy brown hair not the blonde. But I’m still loving it haha 🙂
  2. Netflix + The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (photo credit) I know, I know. I jumped on the Fresh Prince bandwagon a bit late. But better late than never right? Geoffrey was definitely my favourite. So much sass! Tyra’s appearance distracted me, all i could think whenever she was onscreen was: tumblr_mbxutkU6B91qzpo8yo1_250tumblr_n0uvj7JBE01rr883co1_250tumblr_ljde1p5ISb1qe0xwq
  3. Elle Wills (photos from her website) I’ve had an eye on her art for a really long time. That cup of coffee and the portrait of the girl are both done by her. You can buy her work so go check out her page! So. Talented. Can’t. Even.
  4. Revlon – Colorburst Lip Butter: Cherry Tart #070 I’ve been wearing this non-stop. Gloomy day and I need a little pick me up? I just put a bit on my lips and I’m feeling a bit more put together. I find it moisturizing (or at the very least not drying) and the colour can be built up meaning you pretty much get everything from a tinted lip balm to a lipstick.
  5. Al Pacino / The Godfather (photo credit) Have you heard him speak? Do you see that face? Enough said. ❤
  6. Velvet Skort I got mine in black and red from Velvet anything and skirts = Can’t go wrong. They’re super comfy. I’m hoping to wear it in Asia later in April/May, but now I’m wondering if I’ll get a bit too hot in them…
  7. Minion Emojis (Facebook chat) My poor poor friends. I keep sending people minion emojis, I can’t help it. I’m in love!Dear Emoji creators, Thank you for blessing me with minion emoticons. Just wanted to say that I feel tricked when I send a minion to my friend and it doesn’t move. We both just end up staring at the little guy, waiting, and waiting…. uh, still waiting. How disappointing. Also, please make more minions and gift them with some extra sass. Minions are life, for life. Love, Tiffany
  8. Anywhere warm (aka not Canada right now) (Photo is from my instagram) I think, if I was only allowed to visit one place for a holiday for the rest of my life, it would probably have to be South Africa. It was just so beautiful. I can’t even quite pinpoint the feeling I had while I was there. Don’t close your eyes because then you wouldn’t be able to read this, but imagine: you’re being driven down a road with the breeze in your hair, the sun on your face, just blue and green for miles and miles and then suddenly someone introduces you to braai and gives you calamari and chips. Life is good 🙂


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