DIY: Rock Cactus ‘Plants’

I’ve been really wanting some plants around the house, but I don’t really trust myself to take care of them seeing as I forget to change the water when someone gives me flowers and I have a month-old burnt out lightbulb that I still haven’t changed.
A few months ago I spotted this DIY on a blog where a mama made these with her kids.

DIY plant substitute that I can’t kill? Yes please.
DIY that’s kid friendly? My kind of DIY.
DIY where I can get everything from the dollar store? Even better.

So I took a deep breath, a few stretches and made my own little immortal cacti. Here are the basics just in case you wanted to make your own.

cactus rock list What you will need:

  • Green paint (at least 2 shades of green)
  • White paint
  • Rocks*** (different sizes)
  • Hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
  • Brushes/Sponges
  • Pot (to hold the ‘cacti’ – not pictured)
  • Soil/Sand etc. (to keep the ‘cacti’ in place – not pictured)
  • Small flowers (optional – not pictured)

***Bonus tip: if you live somewhere rainy/snowy, line a cookie tray with rocks and let your shoes dry on them! Easy clean up 😉 How to make your very own immortal cacti:

  1. Newspaper/cover the area you plan on using
  2. Paint the rocks using green paint until they are completely covered (different shades if you want) (Let them dry between coats)
  3. Add details to the green rocks (I googled ‘rock cactus’ for inspiration)
  4. Paint pot (optional) and make sure there isn’t a hole at the bottom, and if there is, cover/tape it over)
  5. Put soil/sand into the pot
  6. Hot glue small rocks and flowers to the bigger rocks (if you wish)
  7. Arrange them in your pot… and ta da! Cacti!
  8. Clean up time 😦   NOW you’re done!

rocks cactus

rocksHere is a close up of the rocks and the designs I used! Hopefully it helps 🙂

If you make these rock cacti:

  • be sure to let me know how it went and send me pictures OR/AND
  • tag me @tiffkaya / #tiffanykaya (on instagram) so I can see them!

Good luck and most of all have fun!


8 thoughts on “DIY: Rock Cactus ‘Plants’

  1. Hi Tiffany!
    This is so AWESOME & so very neat!!! Absolutely loved it ❤
    I love love love cactus & succulents and they're everywhere in my apartment…my happy plants!
    I did a post today on my cactus plants…would love for you to check it out 🙂
    BTW, awesome blog, followed you!
    Love from India


  2. Hi Tiffany, thanks for added me on bloglovin! As a newbie, new follower and comments really made my day!
    I saw you there so I clicked on ur blog, I like this DIY plants very much! Its so cute and not too difficult to do! Thanks for sharing.
    I am a new blogger so am still learning how to grow my blog, going to read other posts by you now!
    I will follow you on other social networks, hope we can support each other! ❤

    Have a good day xxx


    Liked by 1 person

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