Oh, another awkward first blogpost post. Most blogs seem to delete their first post after a while. I mean, I can’t blame them! It is a bit awkward speaking to you when I don’t really know who ‘you’ are!

I’m hoping to use this blog to keep a log of my becoming an ‘adult’ – getting my stuff together etc. It’s going to be awkward, silly, filled with spelling and grammar mistakes (because autocorrect and I are enemies) and most likely pretty darn cringe-worthy. and good move, I’m putting it up on the internet where it will live forever…

I haven’t quite decided what exactly I want to post, but it’ll likely be a mishmash of things and hopefully you’ll enjoy it! Basically a youtube channel minus the video bit. Some things you can look forwards to:

  • photography
  • my attempts at DIY
  • thoughts i think you might enjoy
  • travel photos (hopefully)
  • hauls, favorites, tags
  • my take on topics you suggest

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